Let’s join together with those they persecute! Let's show solidarity!

Our church is an inclusive community that embraces people of all walks of life and welcomes all as sisters and brothers. We, in the Congregation of Brothers of the Merciful Love of God, affirm this policy and, further, would wish actively to involve ourselves in demonstrating that love to all God’s people without exception or exemption. There is, and long has been within certain expressions of Church, a deep suspicion of people whose ways of life differ in some way from the received and assumed norm, not least of all those who would identify with LGBT+ ways of life and, in some areas of the Church, this is escalating to new and hysterical heights. Even if one is personally unable to affirm such inalienable rights, it cannot be within the bounds of God’s merciful love to persecute such people or even to commit acts of violence towards them. These are acts of arrogance and pride and have no place within the Church of God and we denounce them as having nothing whatsoever to do with the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.
~Father Julian Kent CFMD

When they came for me, no one protested. There was no one left.